I’m gonna level with you, ladies and gents. I’m still in something of a state of disbelief. To some extent, I know this is actually happening, that we actually pulled it off. But at the same time…it’s a little overwhelming, you know?  But enough babble- I’ve actually got some news to share with everybody.

GWOS now has an official USTREAM channel!  We’ll be setting up a live broadcast of the entire event, complete with interviews and game-play footage. We’ll also be looking at getting some photos and videos to post on Facebook and YouTube, as well. If it’s possible, we’re going to look at setting up a secondary GWOS channel that exclusively features screencasted footage of the games being played- but that’s still up in the air.

For those of you participating in the event, remember that setup starts at 3 PM tomorrow (though registrants don’t need to be there until around 3:30ish). If you’re planning on taking a nap at any point, don’t forget to bring blankets/pillows/sleeping bag. Be sure to also bring along some caffeinated beverages if you’re concerned about whether or not you can last the night.

I’ll see you folks tomorrow!