What’s a charity fundraiser without a few worthy causes to donate to? This year, we’ve got a mighty fine roster of organizations we’re working with. Have a look- here’s the big three. If you want to recommend your own charity to us, drop us a line at geekswithoutsleep@gmail.com

Child’s Play: Founded in 2003 by the fine folks at Penny Arcade, Child’s Play has since grown into an organization all its own. It’s a games industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of hospitalized children by providing them with toys, games, books…everything a kid should have, but most of these kids don’t. We’re really excited to be working with the Child’s Play folks (they’re pretty awesome) and we’re going to look into running a live stream on their website when we run the event.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving: In co-operation with the recently formed Save An Innocent Life club here at the University of Calgary, we’re bringing Mothers Against Drunk Driving on board for GWOS as an official charity. We’re looking forward to working with the folks from SAIL, who are, for their part, just as excited about running things as we are.

Habitat for Humanity: No one should have to go without a roof over their head. That’s the driving force behind Habitat for Humanity, a not-for-profit organization that’s been working to provide safe, affordable housing to Calgary and its surrounding cities for the past twenty years. Founded back in 1990, Habitat’s worldwide network spans over ninety three countries and has constructed more than four hundred thousand homes.