So, you’re interested in signing up for GWOS, are you? Got a team all put together? Figured out what game you’re gonna play, and what consoles you need to play it? Got your shifts all planned out, and a healthy supply of caffeine at the ready?

Are you prepared to game the night away for charity?

If so, there’s a few things you’re gonna have to know first. You’ll have to sign release forms and waivers before the event begins-pretty standard stuff, we’ve just gotta make sure no one sues if there’s an accident of some kind. We also require each team to raise- or donate- at least $25.00 to one of our three charities once they’ve signed up. It’s your choice which one you give the money to. If you’re willing and able to raise more, go for it! Every little bit helps, after all!


Oh, one thing- make sure you live in Calgary if you’re planning on attending. This is a local event, after all.